As the summer heat gives way to the cool embrace of autumn, Franklin and its surrounding areas in North Carolina come alive with a vibrant tapestry of colors and a medley of fall events. From charming festivals to outdoor adventures, there’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Immerse yourselves in the magic of the season by exploring these captivating gatherings that celebrate the region’s beauty, culture, and community spirit.


1. Franklin’s PumpkinFest: Kick off the fall season with a burst of excitement at Franklin’s PumpkinFest. This annual celebration invites families to revel in a day of entertainment, arts and crafts, live music, and, of course, pumpkins galore. From pumpkin carving contests to hayrides, the festival offers a delightful array of activities that capture the season’s essence.

2. Fall Hiking and Leaf Peeping: As the leaves begin to change, the hiking trails around Franklin transform into corridors of vibrant colors. Embark on an adventure along trails like the Appalachian Trail or the Bartram Trail, and witness the breathtaking beauty of fall foliage up close.

3. Cherokee Indian Fair: Immerse yourselves in Native American culture at the Cherokee Indian Fair. This annual event showcases traditional dances, arts and crafts, and authentic Cherokee cuisine. Experience the rich heritage of the Cherokee Nation and connect with a vibrant community.

4. Dillard’s Bluegrass and BBQ Festival: Venture slightly beyond Franklin to Dillard, Georgia, for the Dillard’s Bluegrass and BBQ Festival. Enjoy live bluegrass music, indulge in mouthwatering BBQ, and browse through various arts and crafts vendors. It’s a perfect day trip combining great music, delicious food, and Southern hospitality.

5. Fall Festivities at local Farms: Many farms in the area offer fall-themed activities, including pumpkin patches, hayrides, corn mazes, and more. Take the family to a local farm to experience the quintessential joys of the season.

6. Gem and Mineral Shows: Franklin is renowned for its gem and mineral deposits. Explore local gem and mineral shows to learn about the area’s geological wonders and discover unique treasures to take home.

7. Fall Photography Expeditions: Capture the season’s essence with a fall photography expedition. The stunning landscapes, vibrant foliage, and scenic vistas provide the perfect backdrop for capturing family memories.

This autumn, Franklin, North Carolina, and its surroundings invite you to partake in a world of family-friendly festivities that celebrate the season’s spirit. From pumpkin-themed celebrations to outdoor explorations, there’s no shortage of ways to create cherished memories with your loved ones. Plan your visit and seize the opportunity to embrace the warmth, colors, and community of fall in this picturesque region.

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