As the air turns crisper and leaves transform, Cashiers and Highlands, nestled in the North Carolina mountains, come alive with a tapestry of autumn hues and a medley of family-friendly events. Embrace the season’s magic with these captivating gatherings celebrating the region’s beauty, culture, and community spirit.


1. Farm Harvest Dinner & Barn Dance at The Farm at Old Edwards Inn: Experience the epitome of rustic charm at the “Farm Harvest Dinner & Barn Dance” hosted at The Farm at Old Edwards Inn. This enchanting event combines farm-to-table delights, live music, dancing, and the warmth of the community—delight in a sumptuous farm-to-table feast that pays homage to the fall harvest. The rhythms of live music beckon you to the dance floor while a crackling bonfire and s’mores bring coziness to the evening. With panoramic views of the mountains, it’s a perfect opportunity to make lasting memories together.

2. Cashiers Valley Leaf Festival: Celebrate the kaleidoscope of colors that autumn brings at the Cashiers Valley Leaf Festival. This annual extravaganza captures the season’s essence with live music, local artisans, and delectable food. From hayrides to pumpkin painting, families can relish a day of festivities that embraces the heart of the community against the backdrop of the charming Village Green.

  • Date: Typically held in early October.

3. Highlands Food & Wine Festival: The Highlands Food & Wine Festival is a must-attend event for epicurean enthusiasts. Immerse yourselves in culinary delights featuring renowned chefs, wine tastings, and gourmet experiences. With the Blue Ridge Mountains as your backdrop, savor the best of High South’s culinary offerings while exploring workshops and seminars that ignite your passion for gastronomy.

  • Date: Usually in early November.

4. Colors of Fall Art Show: Feed your artistic souls at the Colors of Fall Art Show. Local artists and craftsmen showcase their creations inspired by the season, from paintings to sculptures. It’s a beautiful opportunity to expose your family to the diverse art world while enjoying the vibrant fall atmosphere.

  • Date: Occurs during the fall season.

5. Autumn Arts, Crafts & Music Festival: Dive into the world of creativity at the Autumn Arts, Crafts & Music Festival. Engage with traditional and contemporary art forms and enjoy live performances that set the tone for a rhythmic autumn experience. The event captures the essence of artistic expression against the backdrop of the picturesque landscape.

  • Date: Occurs on select weekends in the fall.

6. Leaf Peeping and Scenic Drives: Embark on a journey of natural wonder by taking scenic drives along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Witness the breathtaking transformation of leaves into a vibrant tapestry of colors. Explore hidden viewpoints and embrace the splendor of the season.

7. Mountain Heritage Day: This is one of WCU’s most well-known fall events. Typically held in September, Mountain Heritage Day celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the Southern Appalachian region. The event features craft demonstrations, music performances, traditional food, and activities that showcase the history and traditions of the area.

Autumn in Cashiers and Highlands is a time for families to come together, immerse themselves in the beauty of nature, and partake in the region’s rich culture. From lively barn dances to culinary indulgences, these family-friendly events provide a canvas of experiences that will etch lasting memories in your heart. Plan your visit and seize the opportunity to celebrate fall’s warmth, colors, and spirit with your loved ones.

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